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Established in the United Kingdom and extending its reach globally, Archer Project Management Consultancy (PMC) brings together years of in-depth experience and innovative approaches in the field of construction project management. Our core foundation lies in our rich history and the UK’s legacy of construction proficiency, which we continue to uphold as we expand our frontiers.

We are specialists in construction project management, delivering services that span across contract management, claims consulting, cost control, planning & scheduling, quantity surveying, engineering services, and quality assurance.

At Archer PMC, we’re not just consultants. We’re your strategic partners, transforming your visions into reality with precision and expertise.


Our team, composed of industry veterans and visionary thinkers, prides itself on understanding the unique needs and challenges of each client.

We strive to provide solutions that are not only practical but also innovative, ensuring each project’s successful completion while exceeding client expectations.

Monther Yassin – Associate

Monther Yassin is an accomplished Project and Construction Management Specialist, demonstrating expertise in various sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, mixed-use, and education. His academic background is reinforced by a B.Sc (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Leeds. His portfolio showcases his ability to lead complex projects, where he has exhibited effective problem-solving, strategic planning, and strong leadership skills.


Fluent in both Arabic and English, Monther has fostered international collaboration and contributed to the broader engineering community through his active participation in professional societies. His unwavering commitment to delivering quality and value echoes Archer PMC’s core principles, underscoring his alignment with the company’s objectives.

Adel Bader - Associate

Adel Bader is a dynamic leader and experienced manager with 29 years of hands-on experience in multibillion-dollar construction projects across diverse global environments. His expertise spans from overseeing technical aspects to handling contractual intricacies in the construction industry. He has managed an extensive portfolio of projects, including malls, residential and commercial buildings, hotels and resorts. Adel’s strength lies in his in-depth understanding of different types of construction projects, his strong contractual expertise, particularly in FIDIC contracts, and his successful management of fast-track projects. His proficiency in both Arabic and English adds to his diverse skill set.

Raed Bader – Associate

With over three decades in the construction sector, Raed Suleiman Bader brings comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to his role. Holding two Master’s degrees in Construction and Construction Law and Arbitration, in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Raed is distinguished by his breadth of understanding in both construction and legal domains.

Raed’s professional journey is marked by substantial contributions to the private and public construction industry, serving in various key roles including contractor, engineer, and arbitrator. His involvement in numerous international arbitrations highlights his capability in dispute resolution, a skill which benefits from his profound comprehension of construction, engineering, development, management, finance, and contract law.

Raed’s reputation as a result-driven leader, seasoned manager, and business-minded professional is underpinned by his effective problem-solving skills and commercial approach to decision-making. His vast experience gained from international contractors and developers equips him with a unique perspective and invaluable insight, making him a critical asset in the realm of construction and dispute resolution.

His educational background includes a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering from the University of Leeds, an M.Sc. Degree in Construction from Loughborough University of Technology, and a Law of Masters degree (LL.M.) in Construction Law and Arbitration from Robert Gordon University, all in the UK.

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